St Peter's R.C. Primary School


                 Welcome to Our School                

OPEN MORNING:  We invite parents and carers of 2022/2023 Reception age children (ie born between 1.9.17 – 31.8.18) to come and see our school.  You will get an opportunity to meet members of the Senior Leadership Team and Class Teacher, and ask questions as you tour the school.  The Open Morning will be on the Saturday 4th December, 10.00am – 11.30am.  We look forward to meeting you.

Dear Parents

It is fantastic having all the children back in school for the new academic year.  Thank you to all the parents that joined the “Meet the Teacher” virtual sessions.  We are looking forward to discussing your child’s progress with you at the end of October 2021 during Parents Evening.  Our school community is a strong vibrant one where children are well supported by a dedicated, strong team of teachers, teaching assistants, parents, our local Parish and by the surrounding community.

My vision for the school is to ensure that we continue to have a strong focus on our Christian values.  We want to grow like a seed grows into a lovely plant and to become better people and to share the Gospel values with the world we live in.  Each term we will focus on a different Christian Value.  This is done through our Collective worship, curriculum and everything we do at St Peter’s RC Primary School.  Father Michael and Father Matthew help us to reinforce our understanding of each value.  The values we explore and strive to live by are:  Love, Hope, Honesty, Respect, Forgiveness and Perseverance.

Our teaching is based upon the belief that every child is unique and that it is a privilege to guide and accompany then on their learning journey.  We believe that the God given talents of each individual are the foundation of a school family where everybody is able to flourish and achieve their own unique potential in Christ. We aim to grow in faith with your child, guiding them, in partnership with you, to become people of resilience, responsibility and commitment in an ever changing world.

This reflects our school motto “It’s nice to be nice”.  Children learn in a positive climate that fosters self-esteem, where all children are valued and where learning is fun.

As a school we strive for high standards and feel that these are best achieved when the school and parents are working together in partnership with the child.  As key educators in your children’s lives, I feel that it is important that you feel you have a voice and that as a school we are approachable and allocate time to listen to your concerns, worries or thoughts about the school. We have an open door policy in school, please feel free to talk to both myself and the senior leadership team.

You can be assured that as Headteacher, I will strive to create the best education for your child/children whilst they are members of our school family.

Through our school website we aim to provide a high degree of communication between school, parents and the community.  When you open the pages you will find detailed information about our school.  We hope you find this site useful.

Please use the school office contact details if you would like any further information.

I look forward to watching your children grow in confidence, knowledge and spirituality during their time at St Peter’s and I thank you in advance for the support.

Yours sincerely

Miss M Du Bruyn


Arrangements for the New Academic Year 2021/2022

Our overall priority is always to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everybody in the school.  Therefore, we will continue to support our children with hygiene routines, encourage the children to bring their own water bottles to school, and have extra cleaning procedures during the school day.  In September we will be following Government procedures for schools.  This means that lunch times will be moved back to the dining hall, there will be no more class bubbles, and the arrival and departure times will be the same for the whole school, ie 8.55am start and 3.15pm finish.

I am sure you will appreciate that this situation is subject to change, as we receive continual advice and guidance from the Government.  Please ensure you check the website, your emails and text messages for any updates.  Thank you for your understanding and support in these uncertain times.

To view the updated March Risk Assessment, please click on the link: Risk Assessment and Planning Document 1.03.2021 (2)

To view the updated Breakfast and Afterschool Club Risk Assessment, please click on the link: Risk Assessment Breakfast and Afterschool Club March 21

Mission Statement

St. Peter’s Catholic School Mission is that pupils, parents staff, governors and parish build together a learning community which develops love, concern for each other and forgiveness, by living out the Gospel.

This means our school will be a place which:

  • To foster knowledge and understanding of the Gospel values and growing in God’s love.
  • To ensure we care for and respect others, develop an understanding of the world and contribute to society as responsible citizens.
  • To promote independence and excellence.
  • To encourage us to use our gifts and talents for self-fulfilment and the good of all.
  • To appreciate that we are all uniquely created and loved by God.
  • To put our trust in God through prayer.


“  ‘Values are lived out here’  and this is true.  Parents, pupils, staff and leaders all share this sentiment”

Ofsted Inspection 2017

 “Pupils’ progress and attainment are consistently strong across the school….The school has maintained this high standard in recent years.”

Ofsted Inspection 2017

 “Pupils look after each other – behaviour is outstanding.  Pupils say that they feel safe in school”

Ofsted Inspection 2017

 “Leaders at all levels have created a culture of high expectations and achievement.  They pursue excellence in every aspect of the school”

Ofsted Inspection 2017

 “Leaders make provision to ensure that no child is left behind”

Ofsted Inspection 2017

  “The quality of teaching, learning and assessment  is outstanding”

Ofsted Inspection 2017

 “Outstanding teaching means that all pupils make substantial progress in English and Maths”

Ofsted Inspection 2017

 “Pupils take immense pride in their work… Displays around the school are filled with examples of outstanding pupil’ work from all year groups”

Ofsted Inspection 2017

 “St Peter’s is an outstanding Catholic school offering an exceptionally high standard of Catholic education.  It is a warm and welcoming inclusive community where the mission statement pervades all aspects of school life”                                                                                                                                         RE Inspection 2016

We were awarded an SSAT National Award for both Progress and Children’s Attainment in June 2019, in celebration and acknowledgement of our 2018 educational outcomes.  We are very proud of this achievement, particularly as this is the second year running that we have received this award. 

In November 2018, we were delighted to receive a letter from Nick Gibb MP, the Minister of State for School Standards, acknowledging and congratulating St.Peter’s School on our very high standard of achievement in the 2018 phonics screening test, reflecting our children’s firm foundation in reading.

We received the STARS (Sustainable Travel: Active Responsible Safe) Award Gold Level, in October 2018 in recognition of achievements in active and safer travel initiatives.

St.Peter’s School had an Ofsted Inspection on 21st and 22nd February 2017.  The inspection was led by three of Her Majesty’s Inspectors, and all aspects of our school life were inspected.  After two days of a thorough examination and assessment of all areas of our work, we are delighted and incredibly proud to let you know that St.Peter’s school was judged as OUTSTANDING in ALL areas.  This is an excellent achievement for everyone.  Please click on the ‘Achievements’ tab to view the full, in-depth report. 

We are delighted to have achieved the Healthy Schools London Silver Award 2017 for all our hard work on health and well-being.

We are absolutely overjoyed to announce that St.Peter’s School was rated as an Outstanding school, following our RE Inspection on 9th November 2016.  Please read the RE Inspection Report and accompanying letter that can be found under the ‘About’ tab.  We are very proud of this achievement which is the result of the continued hard work and efforts made by our pupils, parents, entire school staff and governors. 

In February 2016, St.Peter’s school received a letter of congratulations from Sam Gyimah MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Childcare and Education.  This was in recognition of St.Peter’s School being one of the high achieving schools in the country in terms of attainment and progress of our disadvantaged children since 2011.  We are very proud to be one of the five Greenwich schools to be acknowledged.