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*** Forthcoming Events for this School Year (2018/2019)***

16th November – Cake Sale

20th November – Years 3/4 Athletics Tournament

22nd November – Class Photos

27th November – Years 5/6 Athletics Tournament

3rd December – Infant Christmas Play

5th December – Year 2 to ‘The Christmas Journey’ at St.John’s Church

17th December – Junior Christmas Concert

19th December – Children’s Christmas Lunch

19th December – Christmas Jumper Day

Events To Date:

Year4, 5 and 6 to Victorians Workshop (16th October)

Our Years 4, 5 and 6 classes visited Woolwich library for a Victorian Workshop linking to both their curriculum work, and Black History month.

Soundsteps Assembly (25th September)

Soundsteps Keyboard visited the school during assembly time.  They presented interactive keyboard sessions with demonstrations for all the children, who enjoyed this activity very much giving them an opportunity to further their music knowledge.

Meet the Teacher Meetings (24th/25th/26th/27th September)

It was wonderful to see so many parents in attendance for the Meet the Teacher meetings.  Parents commented on how very useful it was to receive clear and concise information with regards to, for example, their child’s homework, class expectations, ways in which parents can help their child with studies, the curriculum classes would be following etc….  Governors were also in attendance for parents to meet, giving parents an opportunity to discuss the Governor’s role within St.Peter’s School.

FS2 to Surrey Docks Farm (17th July)

FS2 visited Surrey Docks Farm in London.  They participated in a farm tour and feeding the animals, which was an experience a lot of the children had never had.

Year 6 Leaver’s Production (12th July)

For their end of year production, Year 6 delivered a fantastic performance of ‘Aladdin’.  The singing and the acting was excellent – it was a wonderful performance, and a showcase for the many talents of our Year 6 class.  All parents, staff and governors were extremely proud – well done to everyone involved in this magnificent production.  The standing ovation at the end of the performance was amazing and so well deserved.

Year 5 to St.Paul’s Academy Taster Session (10th July)

Year 5 were invited to St.Paul’s Academy to take part in a ‘Taster’ session focussing on Technology and Performing Art, giving the children an opportunity to see a secondary school in action.

Infants Sports Days (15th June) and Junior Sports Day (6th July)

Our Infant and  Junior Sports Days were very successful with all the children competing and representing their houses.  It was fantastic to see such a huge amount of parents attending.

Year 1 to Woodlands Farm (5th July)

Despite the very hot weather, all our Year 1 children kept cool and had a lovely time at Woodlands Farm, experiencing many different aspects of farm life.

Sportathon (27th June)

Year 4 attended the annual Sportathon event for all Greenwich schools, and participated in sporting events throughout the day, including a range of athletics events and multi-sports target challenges.

Years 5/6 Boys Football Tournament (26th June)

Our Boys Football Team attended St.Paul’s Academy for a Football Tournament.  We played very well during very close run matches.  Although we didn’t reach the final, our team played very well – well done!

Gaelic Football (19thJune)

Year 5/6 boys participated in a Gaelic Football tournament at St.Paul’s Academy, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, with our team improving and gaining experience with every match.  We reached the Semi-Final, coming third overall!

Bike Week (18th June)

Bikeability Cycle training came to school for one week, providing Year 5 with bike training.  Children were taught cycling skills for both riding on the road and leisure, giving them the confidence and knowledge to be competent bike riders.

Book Festival Royal Naval College (15th June)

Year 4 had the opportunity to visit the Royal Naval College for the Greenwich Book Festival, where they listened to storytellers and were able to explore learning through books.  They also had the opportunity to meet children’s book authors, linking with their literacy studies.

Aladdin” (14th June)

Year 6 went to see “Aladdin” at the Prince Edward Theatre to celebrate their hard work throughout the year, and the end of their primary school years.  They had a wonderful afternoon watching this stunning production.

Click and Climb (13th June)

Year 4 had the opportunity to take part in a climbing experience at Sutcliffe Park, with all pupils climbing and descending the climbing wall.  This proved very popular with all pupils thoroughly enjoying this activity, which none of them had experienced before.

First Holy Communion (9th June)

Our Year 3 children made their First Holy Communion on 9th June.  It was a very special time for our community and the church was full to capacity with children, parents and staff.  Our Choir sang with joy and spirit.  Thanks to Fr.Michael and Fr.Graziano, our altar servers and all the staff who worked to make the day such a wonderful, prayerful experience.

Greenwich Music Festival (19th March)

As part of the Greenwich Music Festival, St.Peter’s School Choir was invited to perform, along with other schools, at St.Thomas More Secondary School.  The Choir performed a range of songs, combining singing and movement perfectly, to the delight of the whole audience.   They were enthusiastic, and proved themselves capable and accomplished.  Well done to all the Choir!

School Discos (2nd, 15th, 16th March)

All the children enjoyed the annual discos, with lots of dancing and singing.  The discos raised valuable funds for the school to buy essential resources, eg books, for all children to enjoy.

Shakespeare Workshops (14th and 16th March)

Our Years 5 and 6 classes attended a Shakespeare Workshop taking place at the Library.  The focus of the workshop was Macbeth, which was performed and discussed, incorporating our Literacy studies.

Book Week (12th March)

We had an extremely successful Book Fair Week, with lots of different activities taking place in the classroom throughout the week.  Children also dressed up as their favourite book character – it was wonderful to see the thought and imagination children used to represent their chosen character.  Our Book Fair was very well attended, and we thank parents for their great support, enabling school to buy more fantastic books for all our children to read and enjoy.

Mixed Basketball Tournament (23rd January)

Our Mixed Basketball team attended St.Paul’s Academy for an inter-schools Basketball tournament.  They played very well in a number of hard fought games, reaching the final.  The final was a very close match, and St.Peter’s were respectable runners up after a last minute basket.

London Transport Museum (16th January)

Year 2 visited the London Transport Museum, as part of their history studies.  They enjoyed having the opportunity to look and learn about the development of transport over the decades.

Children’s Christmas Lunch/Christmas Jumper Day (20th December)

As part of a fundraising event for Save the Children, children were invited to wear a Christmas themed jumper in exchange for a donation.  In total we raised £90 for Save the Children.  All children also enjoyed a traditional Christmas dinner, sharing this special lunch with their class friends.

Junior Christmas Concert (19th December)

Our junior children all took part in the Christmas Concert, with prayers, carols and music.  This was a wonderful production, enjoyed by all, with tremendous support from parents in attendance, which is always so fantastic to see.

Infant Christmas Production (12th December)

All our Infant children took part in the Christmas production of ‘Born in a Barn’.  The children’s performance was excellent, with all children knowing their roles, and playing them very well.  It was pleasing to see so many parents enjoying the Christmas production.

The Christmas Journey Presentation (1st December)

Year 2 went to St. James’ church in Kidbrooke, to take part in an interactive production of the ‘Christmas Journey’.  Each part of the Christmas story was acted out in different areas of the church hall, and all children were invited to ask questions, making the story come alive.

Hansel and Gretal Production (Image Musical Theatre) (27th November)

The Image Musical Theatre visited the school to perform an interactive performance of ‘Hansel and Gretal’, with all children participating, and enjoying real, live theatre at St.Peter’s school.

Years 5 and 6 Mixed Athletics Tournament (28th November)

Our Years 5/6Athletics Team participated in an athletics tournament at St.Paul’s Academy.  Although St.Peter’s did not reach the final rounds, we were very proud to receive the ‘Respecting the Games and Other Teams’ award.

Years 3 and 4 Mixed Athletics Tournaments (21st November)

Our Years 3/4 Athletics team participated in an Athletics tournament at St.Paul’s Academy, competing against other Greenwich schools.  Our team performed brilliantly and it was a very competitive tournament with all teams very closely matched.  St.Peter’s came third overall and look forward to future competitions.

Environmental Centre Visit (16th November)

Year 2 visited the Environmental Centre to study art through the environment.  They focussed on the artist Andy Goldsworthy and looked at wildlife and the environment using art, for example producing pictures with soil.

Fire Brigade Visit (7th November)

A representative from the London Fire Brigade visited Years 2 and 5, to talk about the dangers of fire, prevention of fire and personal safety in the event of a fire, providing essential and potentially life-saving information to our children.

Harvest Festival Assembly (18th October):

We held Harvest assemblies for all our children.  During the assemblies we were visited by CAFOD, who explained the importance of their work and gave thanks for all the donations received.  All food that had kindly been donated will be collected by the Greenwich Food Bank, who will distribute it to all our local parishioners.

FS2 and Year 1 to Greenwich Park (12th October):

FS2 and Year 1 visited Greenwich Park as part of their environmental studies.  The children had a wonderful day, and  noted all the seasonal changes, looking at Autumn leaves and feeding the ducks.

—-Ongoing Events—:


Our Years 4, 5 and 6 classes will take part in Swimming sessions during the year, as part of their curriculum studies, giving them valuable life saving skills. 

Library Visits

We continue to use our local facilities, including Woolwich Library.  All classes will visit the library during the year, as part of their curriculum studies. 

Mass at St.Peter’s School

All Junior classes celebrate Mass at St.Peter’s Church once a week on a rota basis.