St Peter's R.C. Primary School

Religious Education


St. Peter’s Catholic School Mission is that pupils, parents staff, governors and parish build together a learning community which develops love, concern for each other and forgiveness, by living out the Gospel.

This means our school will be a place which:

– encourages children to live as children

– welcomes, values and respects the innocence of childhood and the individual’s strengths and weaknesses

– encourages each to use his/her gifts and talents for self fulfilment and the good of all

– fosters knowledge, experience and understanding

– celebrates that we are each made in the image and likeness of God

– fosters prayer, trust in God and an understanding of His love through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, encouraging our respect for all His people

We have very strong links with the community within St.Peter’s Parish.  Our classes regularly attend Mass at St.Peter’s Church, and are familiar with the order of Mass, appropriate prayers and responses and all the signs, symbols and focal points within church.

Father Michael regularly visit St.Peter’s school and speak to all the children individually, in class and at school assemblies.

A number of our children act as Altar Servers for St.Peter’s Church, and our Gospel Choir sing at the church.

St.Peter’s Church and St.Peter’s School, together, prepare our Year 3 Class and any other older children as necessary, for the First Holy Communion.  This is a very special event for our children and parents, with many staff taking an active part in the celebration.  We also celebrate this event by holding a Holy Communion party, for all those children who received the sacrament for the first time.

Whenever possible, we arrange for our Year 6 children to visit Aylesford Priory during their last term at school.  This is a very peaceful and spiritual environment, giving the children time for personal reflection at a time of great change within their school life.  A Leavers Mass is also held in the school, for all parents to attend.

As a whole school community, we celebrate the many different aspects of religious education and the special dates of the Catholic calender throughout the year.  We do this through whole school assemblies, visits from Fr Michael and Fr Matthew for special dates, eg Ash Wednesday, Infant and Junior assemblies and through wonderful RE displays, that can be seen across the whole school.  All our children enjoy seeing and discussing the various religious topics and events on display, making them valuable and meaningful focal points for our whole school community, with visitors to the school often commenting on the beautiful presentation of our displays.

We regularly celebrate the many different cultures we have in school.  We hold Cultural Weeks throughout the year, focusing on various themes, eg Food, Music and Art, and invite parents to come in to speak to children, for example to tell stories from their own culture.

We are visited by representatives from local Catholic Secondary Schools, to speak to pupils with regards to the transition from Year 6 to Year 7, and we liaise with these secondary schools to aid smooth transition from primary to secondary school.  We also have close links with other local primary schools, both community and church schools, regularly attending meetings and visiting schools to share good class practice and exchange ideas.

Sport has always proved to be a popular unifying activity.  As such, we have a number of inter-school sporting events throughout the school year, including football and athletics – win or lose every event has proved very enjoyable!