St Peter's RC Primary School


Making An Application:

A. For Reception (FS2) Class for the  School Year 2024/2025

From September 2023 to 15th  January 2024  the following forms will be available for you to complete in application for the Reception Class for School Year 2024/2025  (ie for those children born between 1/9/19 and 31/8/20):

  1. ‘Application Form For A Primary School Place’ – available online in September or on request from Greenwich Admissions - to be returned to Greenwich Education Service.
  2. ‘Supplementary Form – St.Peter’s' – available to download or from St.Peter's Catholic School Office New FS2 Admission Form - to be returned to St.Peter’s Catholic School.

Letters of offers of places will be sent by Greenwich Admissions on 17th April 2024.

Supplementary Forms for the FS2 2025/2026 intake (ie children born between 1/9/20 - 31/8/21) will be available from September 2024.

B. For Current Reception (FS2) and Years 1 – 6 Inclusive

  • Call in at St.Peter’s Catholic School to register your interest in a place, by completing our Supplementary Admission Form - you can collect this form from the School Office or click to download/print Casual Application Form.  Once this form has been completed and returned, vacant places will be offered, otherwise his/her name will be placed on our Application List awaiting a vacancy.

NB For all Year Groups (Reception – Year 6 inclusive) Governors will apply the Admission Criteria (as published on our website).

Please click on the link to view the Admissions Procedures 2023/2024:  Admissions Policy and Criteria 2024