St Peter's RC Primary School

Archdiocese of Southwark

PLEASE NOTE:   Although the information in this booklet was correct at the time of publication, it should  be assumed that there may be changes before or during this school year or subsequent school years.

St. Peter’s Catholic School is a co-educational school.  It is part funded by the Catholic Church through the Governors.

The School Will Work with committed parents who want the support of a Catholic School to assist them in their responsibility of bringing up our children in the Faith.

The School Governors have oversight of the conduct and curriculum of the school and provide essential links between the school, the church and the local community also between the school and the local Education Services.

Governors Fund
Parents are asked to contribute to the School Governors’ Fund which pays part of the cost of certain repairs and improvements through a voluntary family subscription of £5.00 suggested per term. Voluntary/church schools have to meet extra costs that other schools do not.

We Draw Upon the Many and Varied Cultures and experiences of our children. These valuable contributions enrich the work of all the children and are an essential part of the children’s education and preparation for life in a multi-cultural society. Emphasis is also placed upon equal opportunities for girls and boys so they can take advantage of a broad range of experiences in school. Children for whom English is an additional language are given support in school through class room teaching and small group support.

Assemblies are held regularly and are a very important, prayerful start to the day in our Catholic School.

Religious Education is according to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

St. Peter’s School is affiliated to the Catholic Church in accordance with the Trust Deed.

Masses: Children will have the opportunity to attend Mass in the church and in the school during the course of the school year.

Christian ethos and values
Children learn right from wrong and the importance of justice. Pastoral care forms an essential part of our ethos. Children are listened to, there is a strong emphasis on respect and co-operation. This reflects the teachings of the Gospel.

In the Event of Wrong Doing the child is made aware of what s/he has done wrong and how this affects others. Where necessary, punishment is carried out by the withdrawal of privileges. There are a few rules for safety and to ensure good order, these are made known to the children at different stages as necessary. The school has an anti-bullying policy in place. Close contact between parents, class teacher, headteacher, priests and the education social work service, ensure a high level of pastoral care.

Extra curricular activities include sports, breakfast and after school club, choir and instrumental music.