St Peter's RC Primary School

A Curriculum for Diversity, Culture and Inclusion

At St.Peter's we strongly believe that our knowledge-rich curriculum should allow every child to be able to see themselves reflected in our curriculum, developing confidence in their individual identity.  We will continually reflect on our curriculum choices with the understanding that what we choose to teach has a powerful impact on all members of the school community.  We want to encourage our pupils to be open-minded and to be critical thinkers.  Our curriculum will be designed to introduce children to knowledge of the world, cultures and heritages.  It will celebrate diversity and promote equality and inclusivity.  We aim to ensure black history, in Britain and globally, is normalised and embedded in our curriculum, rather than being taught as a stand-alone entity.

Anti-Racist Policy

Equality Policy

Junior Children Reading in the Library   A Range of Diversity Books in Our Library    Children Reading New Books