St Peter's RC Primary School


Before Christ Was Born

The children composed and recorded their own song during the festive period. 

Click on the link below to enjoy 'Before Christ Was Born.'

Before Christ Was Born


When life seems dark,​

And you're all alone,​

Look up and you'll see him on his throne,​

Jesus Christ, built with flesh and bone,​

He loves us like, we're his own.​

A woman named Mary, who was young and fair be,​

Married to a man named Joseph.​

Mary had a baby, everyone went crazy, ​

She said, "We're gonna name him Jesus."


Kings and shepherds followed,​

Stars, to see the borrowed,​

Stable, where he lay in a manger.​

The angels are rejoicing,​

We all will raise our voice and​

Sing your name, Lord Jesus.​

The world used to mourn,​

Before Christ was born, ​

Everyone had tears, ​

Everyone had fears ​



Spread your love at Christmas,​

Wish for hope and peace and,​

Hold your close ones near and dear to you.​

Praise to you our father, ​

For the love of our,​

Christ the King, Lord Jesus.​


The world used to mourn,​

Before Christ was born,​

Everyone had tears,​

Everyone had fears ​


It's Christmas time,​

Let your hearts all shine,​

Show your love,​

Set it free as a dove.​


Wonderful Performance

We are very proud of Marcus, from Year 1, who played 'Sto. Nino Marikit' on the keyboard at St George's Cathedral. Please enjoy this special performance.