St Peter's RC Primary School

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About Miss Mills-Robertson

Growing up I was surrounded by storytellers; we couldn't go to a party without an Uncle telling a hilarious tale. I wanted to tell stories through performance, writing, and craft. I enjoyed making up my own stories and thinking what if this happened….This is how my first book, My Sister the Super Speedy Racer was birthed.  I thought about a run-away pushchair, a nightmare for parents, but a thrill for the child. 

I was drawn to create characters that show the diversity of my culture and with my cousin who illustrated the book I was able to bring them to life. 

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Third Book - Mummy's Little Helper

I cannot believe I've been able to complete another book. My cousin (the illustrator) and I, are very proud of this newest addition to our series. It has been a lot of hard work and late nights, there were periods of doubting ourselves and issues with the printing quality that we had to overcome but we made it through. I love this story in particular because it reminds me of my mum, she is a trained baker and decorator and loves to cook. I wanted to write a story that showed her dedication to cooking and sharing her love through food. It's great to hear the feedback and hear that there are many who resonate with the story, the food and the family celebrations. 


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