St Peter's RC Primary School

Internet Safety 

The digital world is vast, exciting and forever evolving at such a pace that as parents, we often find it hard to keep up.

Our children have never known life before the online world and are getting more and more tech savvy at an earlier age. This causes many of us anxiety because we are not experts, we have not grown up in the age of online technology and we have not had childhood experience to draw upon when providing guidance for our own children.

Please access resources below that provide guidance on how to parent in a digital world.

Parenting in a Digital World 

To view the Internet Safety Power Point, following the recent parent Internet Safety Workshop, please click on the link: Internet Safety Presentation

We strongly advise parents to download Google Family Link. The app can be downloaded from any app store. It gives parents more control over what their child can access on family devices. 

Roblox is one of the most popular online games for children and young people. The game promotes creativity by allowing players to build their own games and custom levels that can be shared with other players. The video below gives you more information on how to support your child using Roblox safely.

 One of the most important pieces of advise discussed at the parent workshop was to make sure your children only have access to devices in communal spaces in the home. This allows parents to monitor what children have access to and continue to have open discussions about what is appropriate and what is inappropriate content. Children are using Youtube regularly, and even when using Youtube Kids, can be exposed to harmful content. Please follow the advise in the video below to ensure parental controls are up to date on your devices.