St Peter's RC Primary School

School Organisation

The Governing Body
The School Governors have oversight of the conduct and curriculum of the school and provide essential links between the school, the church and the local community, and also between the school and the local Education Services.

The Governing Body is made up of Foundation Governors, Parent Governors and Staff Governors. They are responsible for many decisions in the running of the school, for example:

Implementation of National Curriculum
School Buildings
Staff Appointments

The Governors have a Full Governors Meeting three times per school year, to discuss and agree on all school matters. Sub-committees meet regularly to discuss various issues and produce reports for the Full Governors Meetings.

We have a strong, caring and committed body of staff at St.Peter’s, made up as follows:

1 Headteacher - Miss M Du Bruyn

1 Deputy Headteacher/Class Teacher - Mrs M Nowbuth

1 Senior Teacher/Class Teacher - Mrs A Wood

1 SENCO - Mrs P Wilkinson

6 Class Teachers - Miss S Reynolds, Mrs E Mills-Robertson, Mr G Allonby, Mr M Quinn, Miss S McManus and Mrs R Raistrick

1 PPA Teacher - Mrs J Howard

1 School Business Manager - Ms R Kearins

2 Admin. Staff - Mrs M Lingwood and Mrs A Minett

1 Premises Manager - Mr J Hammond

1 HTLA - Mrs A Hammond

11 Teaching Assistants - Mrs D Whelan, Mrs L Akinrinlewo, Mrs A Minett, Mrs M Omozee, Mrs I Farcas, Ms J Martins E Manezes, Ms D Neve, Ms C Zola, Mrs E Asllani, Ms H Naydukh and Mrs K Thomas 

1 Senior Midday Meals Supervisor - Mrs D Whelan

6 Midday Meals Supervisors - Mrs P Arkins, Mrs J Martins E Menezes, Ms S Donnelly, Ms A Gbaguidi, Mrs M Deeks and Mrs L Camara 

We have seven classes, one per year, with an equal balance of boys and girls, from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. All pupils belong to the house system, of which there are four (Martin Luther King, St.Theresa, St.Luke, and St.Paul). As part of the house system, children learn to co-operate with each other, develop team building skills and take responsibility. They also get to know children in all year groups, and therefore, reinforce our school as a living school community.