St Peter's RC Primary School

Pupil's Voice

House Captains:

Throughout the school year, children work towards earning points for their houses.  Children are rewarded points for good behaviour, special accomplishments, showing gospel values and more.  Every half term the Year 6 pupils are given the responsibility to count the house points across each class and the winning house team is announced in our weekly assemblies.  The winning house team are given a treat of their choice in order to celebrate their achievements.  

This year our house captains are: 

St Paul: Emmanuel N and Seun 

St Luke: Roqeeb and Chloe N

St Teresa: Chelsea and Joshua Iy

Martin Luther King: Mara and Daniel KM


School Council:

At St. Peter’s, we feel it is important that children have a voice. Our school council is a group of elected children from Years 2 - 6, who work together to represent the views of all our children in our school. In doing so we hope to improve the school so that it meets the needs, and fulfils the potential, of all our children who attend.

We have several job roles to fulfil. These include:

  • School tours for visitors.
  • Ambassadors for the school at events.
  • Identify class feedback of the agenda discussion points.
  • Improve parts of the school that are a priority.
  • Help organise events.
  • Decide on action points for improvements.

The School Council representatives meet each term with a teacher to discuss school events and changes. We also inform our class of any news from these meetings.

Some of the aims for this year and the future ahead include:

  • Organising fundraising events for chosen charities.
  • To organise and participate in cross partnership sport events.
  • To introduce Growth Mindset using a whole school approach.
  • To introduce the Daily Mile across the school.
  • Developing a staff choir.

Any pupil can talk to us at any time to let us know if they have a worry or concern about something at school or even if they have a great idea. Members of the School Council will be responsible for any changes implemented and agreed at the meeting.

This year our School Council are:

Year 2 – Rachel and Kalina

Year 3 – Best and Mickaella

Year 4 – Ethan and Jessica

Year 5 – Jasmine and Gabriel K

Year 6 – Emmanuel and Sophia


Junior Travel Ambassadors: