St Peter's RC Primary School

School Aims

Our school will complement the vocational work of our children’s personal relationship with God through prayer, mutual respect between all adults and children, self-respect and self discipline, integrity and mutual tolerance.

We will strive to educate the whole school community to learn about and respect one another’s cultures as God given, to respect the dignity of children and adults of both sexes, those with special needs and to develop skills in order that we all live in harmony.

We will strive to provide a ‘safe environment’ in which children can experiment to learn making reasoned judgements, aspiring to do and be their best, organising their time, develop enquiring minds, self confidence, initiative and independence.  Great emphasis will be placed on democracy, recognition of tradition, the need for reasoned change and the need for co-operation and interdependence in society.

We will strive to see that each child reaches high standards of personal achievement, maintain high expectations of every school member, involve children and their parents in their own learning, and provide a broad, balanced curriculum.

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