St Peter's RC Primary School

What People Say

St.Peter’s School had an Ofsted Inspection on 21st and 22nd February 2017.  The inspection was led by three of Her Majesty’s Inspectors, and all aspects of our school life were inspected.  After two days of a thorough examination and assessment of all areas of our work, we are delighted and incredibly proud to let you know that St.Peter’s school was judged as OUTSTANDING in ALL areas.  This is an excellent achievement for everyone.

We received a letter from the Director of Education of the Education Commission, congratulating us on the OUTSTANDING outcome of the recent Ofsted inspection, commenting "It is wonderful to read that teaching at school is outstanding and that the teaching staff have such high expectations."

We received a letter from the Queen thanking us for the Christmas card received.

St.Peter's School received accreditation for the STARS (Sustainable Travel: Active, Responsible and Safe) programme. This programme recognises the schools' success in promoting active, safer and responsible travel.

Our School Nursing Service commented that our children are "well behaved and really lovely"

An ex student who was on work experience at St.Peter's school sent a letter to us expressing thanks for the "phenonenal experience" and "making me feel welcome"

We are delighted to have achieved the Healthy Schools London Silver Award 2016 for all our hard work on health and well-being.

A visiting theatre group commented that the children ‘were great, really engaged in the show’.

CAFOD noted ‘pupil behaviour and responses in both assemblies were terrific’.

Our Graduate Trainee Teacher said it was "a fantastic year with St.Peter's"

We were awarded an SSAT National Award for both Progress and Children’s Attainment in June 2018, in celebration and acknowledgement of our 2018 educational outcomes.  We are very proud of this achievement, particularly as this is the second year running that we have received this award. 

In November 2018, we were delighted to receive a letter from Nick Gibb MP, the Minister of State for School Standards, acknowledging and congratulating St.Peter's School on our very high standard of achievement in the 2018 phonics screening test, reflecting our children's firm foundation in reading.

Our CAFOD visitor said it was always a pleasure to visit St.Peter’s school, and he always enjoyed seeing the children. 

A Greenwich Safeguarding Co-ordinator said that the school engaged well with their parents. 

A parent commented on their son's progress and  " far he has come and how much he has learned since he started at St.Peter's".

Our Sports Coach commented that 'all the students tried their very best and above all demonstrated a huge degree of sportsmanship.'

Fr. Michael, who attends the school regularly, often highlights how well our children read at Mass.  He thanks everyone for all their work with our fantastic children. 

Pupils state:     ‘I wish every school was like this’  ‘I don’t like weekends, I prefer to be in school…’ 

Our Chair of Governors, parents and staff all enjoyed a truly professional performance by our Choir at the Music Festival for Greenwich Schools.

A new parent wrote that "St.Peter's School has improved my son's life both academically and morally."

Our Speech Therapist said she always enjoys working with the children and staff at St.Peter’s school. 

A Governor was very satisfied with the level of Health and Safety throughout the school, following a routine check, and that children were well behaved, and showed respect to all members of staff.

Image Musical Theatre commented on what a lovely school St.Peter’s was. 

A visiting teacher admired all the colourful examples of learning on display. 

Parents thanked staff for the safe return of their children from School Journey, and for all the care and support that enabled their children to have a truly memorable trip. 

A GYPT group member said our children were ‘great and very engaged’. 

The Photographer said that she always looked forward to coming to St.Peter’s School, as the children are always so well behaved, and the school is so welcoming. 

Parents thanked the school for all the support and advice received with regards to the secondary school process. 

Mr McGrath, our Sports Coach, praised the great commitment and dedication of our school sporting athletes.  He commented that for such a small school, we achieve very high standards compared to larger two and three form entry schools, and said 'the talent of these children was awesome'.

A training PGCE student on placement at St.Peter’s school commented on how the school was consistently fair to all pupils, and able to engage all pupils on task. 

A Governor noted all the hard work the School Office has to contend with ‘Well done’. 

On Parents Evening, almost 100% of parents attended.  Many parents praised our school for the care given to their children. 

A visiting teacher enjoyed sharing ideas, and appreciated all the support and help she received.

A Governor observed that pupils were very polite and well mannered, during athletics training.